Running the Christian Race

It’s once again the time to review our annual progress, set ourselves new targets, turn over a new leaf. This last post of 2016 shall be my attempt at reflecting on my spiritual walk these past 366 days, ending with my goals for the coming year. I only discovered early this year that being a … Continue reading Running the Christian Race

Spiritual weariness

One of the words that come out of my mouth the most (at least 5-10 times a day, I've counted), is "I'm so tired," often accompanied by a deep, drawn sigh. Sometimes, I'm not even aware of what I'm saying till the words were already out. I just figured that people must be tired of hearing it from … Continue reading Spiritual weariness

My take on society’s toxic labels

No one human is the same as the other. We all have different personalities, physical appearances, emotional tolerance etc. Stereotyping and labeling each other because of our individuality limits our potentials and disparages our self-concepts and social identities. You will find yourself easily giving up on dreams or goals just because of a label, thinking "I can't … Continue reading My take on society’s toxic labels